Chilli Festival FAQ

Q. I've bought tickets via your website but I've not received the E-Tickets. Do I need the E-Tickets?

A. Yes. You will need to print your E-Tickets off to gain access to the festival site. All tickets are e-mailed out shortly after placing your order. If you have not received your tickets please email us on and we will send them on again. All tickets are individually numbered and can only be used once to gain access.

Q. Do I need tickets for the daytime part of the festival?

A. No. You can purchase tickets on the gate for the Saturday and Sunday events covering the hours of 11am – 5pm.

Q. Do I need Tickets for the Saturday Barn Party?

A. Yes. Tickets for the Saturday night barn party are now sold out. If you dont already have tickets sadly we wont be able to let you in.

Q: Can I bring dogs

A: Yes you can, but the must be well behaved and kept under control at all times. There is a best dressed hot dog competition this year. Feel free therefore to dress them up as chillies to stand a chance of winning some cool prizes!

Q: Is the Chilli Festival family friendly

A: Absolutely. We have a range of activities for kids including bouncy castle and slide, nerf gun zone, pony rides, climbing wall, magician, eating challenges, face painting and loads more. Kids love the event!

Q. Do I need to book camping?

A. Yes. We have limited camping and although at time of writing there are pitches available, we do need to know exact numbers of campers on site.

Q. Is there adequate toilets?

A. Yes. As frequent traders around festival sites we know the importance of good hygienic toilets without massive queues. Year on year we have increased the numbers of our portable toilets and maintain a high standard of servicing.

Q. Are there showers for the campers?

A. No. There will be over 400 campers on site at any one time and we just dont have enough power to run showers to accommodate.  Its a bit like Glastonbury!

Q. Is the festival site wheel-chair friendly?

A. We do have dedicated disabled toilets and the lower part of the site is on hard standing. The car park is in a field however and depending on your time of arrival may take you a few minutes to gain access. On this basis we suggest wheel chair users are dropped at the main entrance to Manor Farm (just up from the Upton Inn on Brewery Hill) before the driver goes to park the vehicle. The upper part of the festival is on a field on a slight slope. This may be a issue for some wheel chair users if the event is damp.

Q. Can I bring my own alcohol onto the festival site?

A. No. We have two bars and will not allow alcohol brought in from outside. If you do bring your own alcohol into the festival our security team will ask you to dispose of it or hand it over for safe keeping. You are welcome to drink your own supplies on the camp-site which is outside of the festival site.

Q. What time does the campsite open on Friday?

A. The campsite will be open from first light on Friday morning. You are welcome to arrive at anytime thereafter. There is no light on the campsite so we suggest that you arrive before dark. Saturday arrivals are also welcome to arrive from first light.

Q. Can we leave our cars with our tents?

A. Possibly. This year the campsite is also being shared by the VW campers. There are also a lot more campers than in previous years so we are asking that all cars are removed from the campsite and parked in the adjacent field until such time that we know just how much space is available. The problem with tents these days is that some are huge whilst others are very small. If there appears to be enough room we will happily allow cars back on the site on the Saturday afternoon.

Q. What's all this about tokens for use at the bars?

A. For the past two years we have used a token system for purchases of drinks from the main bar – and this year the new bar in the festival field. Reason for this is speed as chilli heads seem to be very thirsty people! The tokens – known as Bhuts – are available from any of the bar staff with a minimum spend of £10. This £10 provides 6 Bhuts. 2 Bhuts = 1 Pint. 1 Bhut = 1/2 pint. Soft drinks are free of charge. If you purchase £20 worth of Bhuts you receive one Bhut free of charge.

This system avoids the need for lengthy cash transactions and speeds up the entire process. The Bhuts are non-redeemable so we ask people to only purchase roughly what they think they will need to drink over the course of the festival. Numerous purchases are of course welcome!

Although non-redeemable, the Bhuts are  now the standard bar currency for the chilli festival and can be used year on year. Alternatively we do have a charity box (CLIC Sargent) where any unused Bhuts will be cashed and given to charity.