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Mr Scovilles favourite tipple! Chilli Cider? YES PLEASE!Wilbur-scoville

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Take an apple and a chilli.

Ferment the apple and add the chilli and what you got? YES!!!! Mr Scovilles CHILLI CIDER!

Using chillies grown in Upton Cheyney and the delicious cider from Bridge Farm, we bring to you Mr Scovilles favourite tipple! A little known fact was that Wilbur Scoville when first designing the Scoville Heat Unit system for testing chilli heat actually drank cider in between tasting sessions to calm his burning mouth. Honest! Another little known fact is that by combining the chilli and the cider, Wilbur lived to the ripe old age of 156 and could still do a back flip when he was 102! Honest!

Anyway, joking aside, this is a lovely medium/dry cider with a pleasant kick of chilli heat topped with 6.5% ABV.

For more info on the lovely apple people down at Bridge Farm Cider, check out their website –


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