Mango, Lime and Red Habanero


A citrus twang followed by a sweet chilli kick – awesome!

Multi award winning excellence.

Medium heat


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Mango Lime Red Habanero

Our multi award winning and absolutely delicious Mango based sauce, is sublime with summer salads, providing a double kick taste sensation, with a swirl of citrus, tickling the taste buds prior to the big chilli hit!

A medium to hot sauce, that always attracts masses of praise at festivals and markets.

Winner of Taste of the West Bronze in 2011 and Great Taste Gold 2011

Great Taste Gold 1 star 2011Taste of the west bronze 2011

Ingredients: Mango, Onion, Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Red Habanero, Red Chilli, Lime, Mustard.

Allergen warning: Contains Mustard.


Each bottle contains 140ml of heavenly hot sauce!


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