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what to expect

You'll leave with a smile on your face, warmth in your belly and a goody bag full of chilli treats!

  • Meet one of just a few of the UK’s Chilli Farmers in the beautiful village of Upton Cheyney, situated on the edge of The Cotswolds
  • From the majesty of our ancient Tithe Barn, learn all about chillies; including their history, health benefits and what makes them hot
  • Tour the chilli farm’s polytunnels and harvest your own pods

  • Learn about a Year in the Life of a Chilli Farmer and how we grow our annual crop of hot fruits!
  • Visit our kitchen and learn how to use your fiery harvest
  • Discover the huge variation of chilli flavours in our unique chilli tasting experience
  • Sample our home-made sauces produced on the farm, as well as going home with a chilli bag of goodies!

farm tours at upton cheyney

What To Expect On The Tour

Starting in our ancient and beautiful Tithe Barn, built in the 1600’s and the perfect sheltered spot in which to welcome you to the Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm, we will discuss chillies and their importance to us, as one of only a handful of UK chilli farmers.

From here we take a short walk to the Chilli Farm itself where you’ll harvest pods from the commercial growing areas whilst admiring the more exotic species that we have growing in our Simpson Seeds show tunnel. Using equipment supplied by GreenHouse Sensations, we will demonstrate a variety of growing medias including hydroponics, and self watering systems. Furthermore, we will be confronted with some of the hottest chillies known to man in the super hot tunnel!

As we move from tunnel to tunnel, we will sample the various pods, starting mild and working our way up to wild! It is for this reason that we suggest you bring some full fat milk as well as some tissues for that runny nose! For the very brave there is a chance to sample the world’s hottest chilli – the Dorset Naga!

Smoking chillies is one of our specialities and here, in the tunnel area, we will also demonstrate this process.

At the end of the tour we will return to the chilli kitchen, where our range of sauces will be available to sample and buy.

Tours operate on most Saturdays and Sundays during October, lasting approximately 1½ hours. Spaces on each tour are limited – you’ll need to pre-book the date and session in advance. Tour vouchers are priced at £35  with group bookings of 10 or above qualifying for discounts. Private group bookings are welcome.

You will be outside for some of the tour and we recommend that you wear suitable clothing – a working farm can get very muddy in wet conditions. We’re sorry but the tour is not suitable for wheelchair users.


 We have now completed the farm tours for 2023. We will recommence tours in October 2024.


 If you hold a voucher please call Alex on 07817 844802 to book.