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Red Mosquito


Cider Apples, cranbery juice and a blend of fiery chillies make this sauce one to be aware of!



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Red Mosquito is the first product in our ‘Trio Of Doom’ super hot sauces! The fire comes from a blend of some of the hottest pods that we grown on the farm – Dorset Naga, Fruitburst Habanero, Orange Habanero and Fatalii.

Using cider apples and cranberry juice as a base plus a generous helping of garlic and ginger, the sauce offers a snap of tangy fruity flavour prior to a building heat, which although excessive is not as over powering as the other two members of the trio of doom!

Red Mosquito was voted the best hot sauce of 2013 in a public vote at the Great Dorset Chilli Festival.

Ingredients – Cider Apples, Cranberry juice, Red Wine Vinegar, Chillies, Ginger, Garlic.

Dorset Chilli Festival award winner!





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