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Roast Garlic and Ginger Chilli Sauce


If you like chillies and you LOVE garlic this is your must have product!

Medium heat perfection!


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This sauce is absolutely mind bogglingly delicious! The Roast Garlic and Ginger has been available at various events over the years as one-off official festival sauces and as such you may remember it as the sauce of choice by both Bristol Zoo where it was named Wow Gorilla! and also at the first ever Great Dorset Chilli Festival where it sold out in no time!

The sauce is sweet and sticky and oozes flavour from the roasted garlic, ginger and mighty fiery Dorset Naga chillies.

Winner of Taste of the West Silver 2014.

taste of the west silver 2014Best UK mild sauce for our Roast Garlic and Ginger

Winner of the Clifton Chilli Clubs Peoples Choice award for best UK Mild Chilli Sauce

We use this sauce for both dipping and pouring, and would urge you to try it with a good quality sausage.

Ingredients: Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Water, Roast Garlic 14%, Ginger 2%, and Dorset Naga Chilli 2%.

Each bottle contains 150ml of pure chilli magic.



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