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Chilli Growing Kit


Start your own private chilli farm with our easy to use growing kit.



Growing chilli plants is easy and highly rewarding. With our growing kit you have everything needed to start successfully cultivating chillies at home in time for a bumper summer harvest!

The pack consists of a propagator which acts like a greenhouse during seed germination, coir pellets that are the perfect early growing medium for seedlings, growing instructions and 4 different packs of seeds.

The seeds have been sourced from one of the UK’s leading chilli seed suppliers – Simpson Seeds – and include the beautiful ornamental Twilight, our favourite chilli the Jalapeno, the aptly named Ring Of Fire and the super hot Habanero Condors Beak.


In order to get a taste of the delights that can be expected from growing chillies, this kit is also available with a bottle of any one of our chilli sauces for an additional £4.

GROW BoxBase A6 FINAL (2)


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