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Chilli Sauce Making Kit


SauceMaking.TopLid.A5.FINALContains everything you need to start the exciting art of home sauce making.

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From the mild and delicious luxury of Smokey Chipotle to the fruity and fiery Mango Habanero it’s time to get Happy and Hot!

Growing chillies is becoming increasingly popular in the UK but often the plants produce far more fruit that the grower could ever wish to consume. Chillies can therefore be preserved in numerous ways to include freezing, drying, or pickling. The most exciting way however is to get creative and master the magic of fiery fruit sauce making.

It is with great pleasure therefore that we present this chilli sauce making kit. The kit includes the base ingredients and hardware required to make 3 x 140ml bottles of mild and smokey Chipotle Sauce and 3 x 140ml bottles of fiery and fruity Mango Habanero Sauce.

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This sauce making kits provides an fantastic  introduction into the exciting world of fiery fruit sauce creation.


Glass bottles and lids

Bottle ID labels

Plastic funnel

Red Wine Vinegar

Cider Vinegar

Spice mix for Chipotle Sauce – mustard powder, brown sugar, salt, chipotle spice, garlic powder.

Spice mix for Mango Habanero Sauce – Chipotle spice, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper!) spice, salt, curry powder, mustard powder, sugar, garlic powder

Chipotle Chilli

Habanero dried chilli

Some of the fresh ingredients are not included in this kit. You will need a food blender to create your masterpiece!


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