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Smoky Chipotle Rub


A medium heat smoky rub exhibiting an intense flavour that will add depth and excitement to your culinary offering.



Use as a rub with meat, fish or poultry, sprinkle over fries, melted cheese, or any other food stuff for an immediate flavour enhancement. Use as an additive or pop it in your pot – add smoky depth to your chilli con carne!  For best results, apply up to 2 hours prior to cooking by patting the rub onto the meat (wear gloves), cover and leave in the fridge for the rub to work!

Ingredients:- In 200g Tin

Sea salt, (sodium hexacyanoferrate), paprika, garlic, onion powder, white sugar, chilli powder, chipotle, ground black pepper, MUSTARD powder, light brown sugar


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Weight 3 kg